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  • What's a NÄKK?

    NÄKK is more than just a brand – it's a tribute to the enchanting figures of Northern European folklore. In the heart of this concept lies the näkk, a captivating female water sprite with an ethereal beauty that has captured imaginations for generations. Often spotted perched upon stones in nature, she bathes in the waters and tends to her long, golden hair, reflecting her connection to the elements.

    The name "NÄKK" (pronounced /næk/ as in 'we have a knack for haircare') originates from the Estonian word, which finds its roots in Swedish and is even traced back to a Proto-Indo-European word meaning 'to wash.' This essence of cleansing and connection with the natural world forms the core of the NÄKK identity.

    At NÄKK, we were inspired by the näkk's inherent beauty and her deep bond with nature. Our brand was born out of a genuine love for beauty in its simplest and most effective forms – products that embody the essence of minimalism and authenticity.

    We envision the modern-day NÄKK as a symbol of radiance, intelligence, and environmental mindfulness –
    a woman who cares both for herself and the world around her.

    Our products are an embodiment of this ethos. From hair care to body care, each creation is a testament
    to the harmonious relationship between effective beauty and sustainable practices.
    Our divine-smelling products are designed not only to nurture your hair and body but also to contribute positively to the environment.

    In revisiting the myth of the näkk, we acknowledge that while history has painted them as potentially malevolent, their intentions might have been misunderstood.

    Could it be that these water sprites were simply offering the gift of cleansing, inviting
    men and children to wash away their worries in the refreshing waters?

    NÄKK is more than a name; it's a homage to the spirit of nature, the art of cleansing, and the celebration of timeless beauty.

    Join us in embracing the essence of the NÄKK and experience the magic it brings to your hair and body care routine.

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