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  • Exciting news: NÄKK shampoos and conditioners now in RIMI!

    Guess what, folks? NÄKK's solid shampoo and conditioner bars have just made their grand entrance into the zero waste sections of RIMI hypermarkets all across the Baltics!

    This is the perfect scoop for those last-minute dashers who want to pack a NÄKK before their jet-setting adventures, those on a mission to find an amazing practical birthday party gift, or those who've run out of their all-time favorites and need a quick fix from the nearest store.

    But wait, there's more! NÄKK products aren't just lurking in physical RIMI stores; they've also popped up on RIMI's online shop in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania!

    So, where can you snag these goodies? Check out the list of RIMI stores below:


    Ülemiste Rimi - Suur-Sõjamäe 4, Tallinn 

    Sõpruse Rimi - Sõpruse pst 174/176, Tallinn

    Haabersti Rimi - Haabersti 1, Tallinn

    Lõunakeskuse Rimi - Ringtee 75, Tartu

    Kaubamajaka Rimi - Papiniidu 8/10, Pärnu


    Rimi Apelsīns (Ādaži), Rīgas gatve 5

    Rimi Alfa (Rīga), Brīvības gatve 372

    Rimi Spice (Rīga), Jaunmoku iela 21

    Rimi Valdemāra (Rīga), Valdemāra iela 112

    Rimi Stirnu (Rīga), Stirnu iela 26

    Rimi Biķernieku (Rīga), Biķernieku iela 160

    Rimi Ozols (Rīga), Mazā Rencēnu iela 1

    Rimi Aleja (Rīga), Vienības gatve 194A

    Rimi Sāga (Stopiņi), Biķeru iela 4


    Rimi City North (Vilnius) - Žirmūnų g. 64

    Rimi Mylia (Vilnius) - Kedrų g. 4

    Rimi Panorama (Vilnius) - Saltoniškių g. 9

    Rimi Domus Pro (Vilnius) - Ukmergės 308

    Rimi Nordika (Vilnius) - Vikingų g. 3

    Rimi Outlet (Vilnius) - Vytauto Pociūno g. 8

    Rimi Mega (Kaunas) - Islandijos pl. 32

    Rimi Alytus (Alytus) - Naujoji g. 7E

    Rimi Arena (Klaipėda) - Taikos g. 6

    Find NÄKK products at your nearest RIMI store and share this fabulous news with your quality haircare and sustainability-loving friends!

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