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  • Customer feedback: "Where have you been all my life?!"

    We receive dozens of beautiful letters with overwhelmingly positive and reassuring customer feedback daily - both via our resellers and on social media. Here's one of our (many) favorites by Varja who wrote on Instagram:

    "Hey, I hope it’s ok for me to message you in English.

    I heard the founder of the company on a podcast and the way she spoke, in general and then about the shampoo, I just felt like I wanted to support this business and give the product a go!

    I live in London and was expecting my mum to visit me, she came with NÄKK "Lemongrass" and "Charcoal cleanse" shampoos for me to try and...

    OMG, my hair is fine and been used and abused so all the conventional shampoos with their big promises tend to fail me, I can not describe how much I loved using the NÄKK Lemongrass shampoo - from the smell, to the texture to the softness of my hair during the wash and post wash…

    Where have you been all my life?! Thank you for such a wonderful product! You have a customer for life!


    Needless to say we did a collective happy dance when reading Varja's letter. Keep'em coming, guys - your genuine appreciation and excitement for our products is what drives us to continue bringing an even better and wider range of products your way!

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