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  • This just in: NÄKK solid conditioners!

    Ever since the release of the brand, NÄKK shampoo bars have been a massive hit, not only effectively cleansing hair but also delivering exceptional nourishing benefits. In fact, many customers have reported that the moisturizing properties were so good that their conditioners were left patiently waiting on their shower shelves. However, we understand that hair comes in all types, and every day brings a different challenge. That's why we've decided to expand our product family with deeply moisturizing conditioners enriched with natural oils. These are designed especially for those frizzy-dry hair ends and for times when environmental factors, heat treatments, and dyeing have taken a toll on your lovely locks.

    NÄKK's deeply moisturizing conditioner, packed with shea butter, cocoa butter, and sweet almond oil, provides intense hydration for your hair. Its moisturizing effects reach from the roots to the tips, making your hair noticeably healthier and more manageable right from the first use. This silicone and paraben-free conditioner bar effortlessly nourishes dry and damaged hair, even untangling the most stubborn ends to leave your hair feeling irresistibly silky and smooth.

    You can choose from three of our most popular scents: the sunny and tropical 'Mango & Papaya,' the uplifting 'Granadilla' with its sweet and sour notes, or the essential oil-based 'Lemongrass.' These conditioners not only pamper your hair but also your senses with a delightful touch of aromatherapy.

    So, how do you use the conditioner?

    After washing your hair with a NÄKK shampoo bar and rinsing thoroughly, gently remove excess water from your hair. Then, apply the NÄKK deeply moisturizing conditioner by first warming the bar between your hands and rubbing a small amount directly into your hair. Due to its high moisturizing efficacy, you only need a small amount to deeply nourish your hair. Massage the conditioner in, avoiding the scalp and paying special attention to the lengths and ends, and leave it on for 2–3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    For those with exceptionally dry and demanding hair, we recommend using the product with every wash in combination with a NÄKK shampoo bar. For normal hair, using the NÄKK conditioner once a week or every two weeks alongside your regular NÄKK shampooing routine is sufficient. You can also use it as needed when your hair requires extra care and conditioning due to environmental factors or after heat treatments. Enjoy your hair's new lease on life!

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